St Michael the Archangel

Meet Our Paraphialna Rada

We are Here for you Every Day!

At St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church, we consider your needs to be our needs. As you go through life’s experiences, we offer our full support and devotion to you, our cherished parishioner. Your needs are our needs.

Who we are

Our PR consists of 25 members and 17 active contributors. We are elected by our parishioners yearly, and we are thankful to our parishioners for the opportunity and most of all for placing their trust in us. Though we are all volunteers, we take our job seriously. We are guided by our church’s mission, principles, and statute. Our daily tasks are governed by our faith, hope, convictions, love, and belief in a higher purpose than ourselves.

Note: Our first Paraphialna Rada was elected on April 27, 1975. Its chair Ilaria Mazepa contributed to the way PR is conducted currently and how its members are elected.

Chair of Paraphialna Rada

Ihor Sydoryk

Ihor became the chair of Paraphialna Rada in early 2020. In addition to his church, family, and work responsibilities, Ihor enjoys spending time outdoors. Besides adoring his daughters, wife, family, and nature, he also adores mountains and everything that is connected to them.

First Assistant Chair

Yuriy Beyzyk

Barinone singer in “Dzvin” Ukrainian Male Folk Choir. Enjoys performing and traveling with his male companions all over the United States and other countries, including Canada. Admirer of live sports, music and reading

Second Assistant Chair

Taras Shulyk

Dynamic entrepreneur, knowledgeable and passionate about defending the causes that affect the community and country as a whole. Bold about taking stance on the issues that affect people’s lives, caring, and, in one of his colleague’s words “very nice and kindhearted”


Iryna Semerey

Enjoys traveling nationally and abroad. Organizing, and taking lead roles in different types of events to benefit her church and community.  Winner of the 2018 Borsch competition. Lead organizer of different types of events, including festivals and competitions. Annual Borsch organizer, the 2021 successful Borsch planner, organizer, and designer. Loves and is passionate about her different kinds of jobs and tasks, and a proud mother of her two kids

Financial Referent

Iryna Tsinyk

Temple Graduate, likes DJ LOU, TCN, Comedy Club, enjoys having a good time with her friends and family. Expert in our country’s all kinds of tax laws and finances

Financial Referent​

Luba Borynska

Financial expert. Enthusiastic about her work. Volunteers for different types of events at work and church, likes “Magic Clay,” “Ivanka Bysyvanka,” “Bowlero”

Financial Referent

Andriy Kanipskiy

Financial expert. Bold, enjoys challenges, adventures, spending time with his family

Financial Referent

Nataliya Sadova

Works for Ukrainian Federal Union, studied at Lviv Institute of Management, enjoys spending time with family, participates in charity work

Constructional Committee

Bohdan Flis

Successful business owner, enjoys fishing, dancing, singing. Performer in Accolada Chamber Choir. Always optimistic, content, and in good spirits

Constructional Committee

Oleh Dobush

Successful business owner, passionate believer in his church and his other day to day activities. Enjoys spending time with his family. Loves his wife and kids

Technical Support

Askold Sandyrskyy

Studied at I. Franko University, took active role in students’ movements and protests for a free and independent Ukraine as a university student. Currently enjoys spending time outdoors, including fishing, sailing, skiing, scuba diving


Constructional Committee

Liybomyr Melnychuk

Successful business owner, lead performer in church chorus and other singing groups. Participates in charity events, recipient of the 2022 award recognition for residential building fund

Constructional Committee

Andriy Kulynin

Avid and passionate Ukrainian patriot, enjoys cooking original Ukrainian food, including borscht and kulish. Facilitates and participates in events to help other people learn about Ukrainian history, food, customs, and traditions

Cultural-Educational Committee

Irena Zalucky

Self-learner, learned to speak Ukrainian language on her own, volunteers in different types of organizations, enjoys preparing food and desserts to make people happy and content. Enjoys giving to benefit and strengthen her community

Cultural-Educational Committee

Cultural-Educational Committee

Liliya Melnychuk

Studied at Ivano Frankivsk Medical University. Lively entrepreneur, organizer of multiple summer camps for kids of different ages. Enthusiastic about spending time with her family and helping other kids to have useful, full of fun, and productive summers

Hall Rental Committee

Luba Borochok

Hobbies: hiking, running, reading, writing, helping others developing passion of their own

Cultural-Educational Committee

Organizational Referent

Andriy Adamov

Enjoys outdoor activities and computer programming


Yosyp Yarychkivskyy

Always busy, hard-working, and considerate. Spiritual, kind, dedicated, committed to his family and God and teaching of the Bible. Rational, respectful, resolute, and firm in his beliefs and actions

Chair of Sestritstwo

Halyna Chorna

Chair of Sestritstwo since 2019, studied at TDTU. Courageous, passionate, honest, and caring. Strong advocate for the causes she cares about and especially the ones that affect the lives of the surrounding communities around her. Helps and empowers St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church and its parishioners and guests to stay prosperous, profitable, active, engaged, and well-fed

Administrator Mothers in Prayer

Iryna Dorosh

Chair of Mothers in Prayer since December 25, 2020. Faithful, kindhearted, and loyal. Organizes different types of events to expand and acquire more members for her organization. Dedicated to her family and two kids. Currently working on organizing events and praying services for peace and prosperity in Ukraine

Bratstwo Molody

Petro Kryvdiuk

Graduated from Abington High School, likes boxing, and currently working on gaining more members in his organization Bratstwo of Ukrainian Youth