St Michael the Archangel

Our church is currently collecting the following urgently needed items:

Hydrogel Pads for Burn Wounds

Celox Applicators/Clotting Gauzes

Quick Clots

Lifesraw-Personal Water Filters

Rain Ponchos

Israeli Emergency Bandages

Occlusive Chest Seals CAT Tourniquets

Lidocaine  Patches Pulse Oximeters

Trauma Shears

Skin Stapler

Thermal Socks

Infrared Imager Cameras

Multi Tool Pocket Knives Walkie-Talkies

LED Lanterns Rechargeable Flash Lights Halo Chest Seals

Night Vision Goggles Hunting Binoculars

Camping Sleeping Bags and Pillows

 Thermal Underwear

Emergency Thermal Blankets

Tactical Backpack

Solar and Rechargeable Powerbanks

220V Adapters


Yellow Duct Tape

Black Hats

Survival Blankets

Military Boots

Tactical Gloves

Protein Bars


Click for a list of items to purchase.